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Do you have contributions? Yes, we accept article contributions, and it’s free you will also be rewarded with a backlink (nofollow), and your content will be distributed on the internet.


Here is a list of things you should and must do, make sure to read every point very well.

  1. Write a 1, 000+ words article on your desired topic or subjects that fit into our lifestyle magazine. If you wish to submit infographic make sure your description is 300 words in length then attach it with your graphic
  2. Add relevant images, videos or other multimedia, but make sure you have rights to use them (we respect people’s work and do not take credit for what is not ours) For image it should be a minimum of 800*500 (unless it’s a screenshot for special purpose like tutorials then smaller size is acceptable).
  3. Add links to authority sites, you can also link to articles on our site (LIVE post).
  4. Make all the necessary changes and adjust as you would because there is no second edit.
  5. Make sure you do not include any link to a root domain (example.com)within the article’s body. You should not include links to your site in the article body too.
  6. Prepare your author bio with a link to your site and social media profiles, HEADSHOT.
  7. Images should be attached to the email message like you did for the MS WORD FILE, you can also add them to your document for tutorials and guides, so we can place them.
  8. Now send everything to the editor of this site Joy@sterlingtips.com, use .DOC or .DOCX for your file
  9. Your article will be reviewed and published in 5 working days, and you will be notified if any issue arises.

What not to do?

Here is a list of things you should not do if you want to remain in our good books in order to get your content published on our site.

  1. Make sure you know what you are doing, your articles are grammatically correct.
  2. ONLY original content of the agreed word count 800 for regular articles and 300 words for infographics should be sent forward.
  3. You are to wait 5 days before rushing us to publish your content, don’t send article in the morning and in the evening, you are asking for the status, your content will be disqualified, and email deleted.
  4. Do not include a link to any root domain in the article body if you are interested in a sponsored post, contact us for price. You should not include links to your site in the article body too.
  5. Sending a message to the email addresses in this page different from what is written here.

Please note once the article is live on our site, you have given us the RIGHTS to OWN the article, and as such cannot use it elsewhere without linking back to the original article.

By getting your article PUBLISHED on our site you agree to these terms and conditions.

update: 18/11/2019