This Is Why You Suck At Programming

Have you ever finished reading a programming book only to realize you haven’t gotten the slightest clue what to do next?

Welcome to the life of every beginner programmer. This is a common problem most programmers face at the beginning of their programming journey.

Learning to program is like rewiring your brain’s logic. And the approach is quite different from the conventional way of learning. And the following are the top reasons why you feel you suck.

You are too scared to challenge yourself

Many a time, in all professions, not just programming, newbies often underestimated their abilities. They are thereby limiting themselves to a basic task that can’t upgrade their skill. Do not be scared of seeming impossible projects, because those are the things that improve your general exposure and understanding of programming.

Start with something easy

Although this point is somewhat tentative, depending on the individual, it is an excellent practice to follow.

As said, it is often easier to transition from one programming language to another than to learn your first programming language from scratch.

The reason is: you haven’t gotten the overall structure of programming. Despite the number of programming languages that exist, each language’s overall structure is no different from that of the other.

Although the syntax may greatly differ, some languages may be easier to grasp. While others take a little more getting used to.

For example, an absolute beginner with no ‘geek’ knowledge of a computer could learn to write a good script in giving or take one week with Python 3, but that is highly not possible with other low-level languages like C.

The reason is languages like C require a little more knowledge on the inner workings of a computer. So, if you are having issues understanding the whole concept of programming, switch to a higher’-level programming language if you are not using one of such.

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Programming is an art

Just like math, programming has its beauty once you are ready to accept its calling (I believe you have a long face now. chill! programming is nothing like your school math. It is way more expressive).

Programming is like painting a portrait or sculpting a sculpture. The more you expose yourself to its concepts, the more you see the beauty in it. Just like every other art, practice is essential. One may not fully delimit how important a role practice plays in programming.

Programming not just about codes

why you suck at programming

One of the things most beginner programmers do not know is; writing code is easier when you have figured out the logic(algorithm). Just for fun, let’s check this pseudo code out.

Line 1 Go to the fridge

line 2 Open the fridge

line 3 Get a drink.

The logic of this seems alright, but the truth is; it is not going to execute properly. There is a bug at ‘Open the fridge.’

Giving the fact that computers are exact with instruction. It will close the fridge once it leaves line 2. Therefore, you won’t get a drink. To solve this, we add a new line.

line 1 Go to the fridge

line 2 Open the fridge

line 3 While’ fridge is open,

line 4 Get a drink.

Now, this is the correct logic to use. In a nutshell, on every project, spend more time getting the logic than writing it in code. It will save you a lot of debugging.

You are not as bad as you think

The thing about learning is you never know where you are. You do not notice your progress, even when it is pretty obvious. You will be surprised by what you can do if you stop beating yourself up.

In conclusion, programming is like nursing a child. It changes you.


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