The Triumph Of The Nerds

The triumph of the Nerds basically proves something big can come out of unintentional actions. Over 30 years ago, men like Paul Allen and Bill Gates invented the first personal computer, which has shaped the way we live. The incredible thing is that it happened by accident. Because a bunch of nerds wanted to impress their friends, such a remarkable industry sprung up. Currently, the personal computer industry is one of the largest industries in the world. There are always those kids that, rather theirs pend time battling with an electronic box, in a world where kids their of age spend their time watching television. According to Douglas Adams, a nerd is a person that uses a phone to talk to other people about phones. And uses a computer in order to use a computer.

the triumph of the nerds
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In the early days, computers received instruction either by switching switches or loading them from paper, which was a bunch of 0’s and 1’s. The success of the personal computer was due to intel’s microprocessor. In January 1975, the first personal computer ‘’The Altair 8800’’ was made it was the idea of Ed Roberts. This is the computer that basically started the industrial revolution. Although it was a pretty useless box, no one knew what to do with; you couldn’t connect a keyboard, neither could you connect a monitor. But it was a pretty fascinating toy to the nerds. This was when Paul Allen and Bill Gates found a way to load instruction into the Altair with a language called BASIC. This was what allowed the Altair be used for fun and other things. People attached terminals to build games and office packages.

Soon after, the Apple computer came in to play. It was started by two teenage hackers Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. As primitive as it was, Steve Jobs happens to sell more than 50 of the “apple 1”. Soon after, the apple 2 came out, and it was a blast. Thanks to its killer app, “VisiCalc.” It was the first spreadsheet package ever made.

Soon after, IBM, the then-largest computer in the world, which previously made only mainframe computers, took over the pc business. IBM went with an open architecture design (using non-IBM software, sales, and non-IBM service) to develop their first pc. This was where Bill Gates came into play. IBM hired Microsoft to handle their software. IBM introduced the pc to the cooperate world. And this was the beginning of the domination of the personal computer. At this point, almost all the work of the pc industry was based on developing the operating system.

In 1971, some of Xerox engineers came up with the first GUI as we know it. They then took it to their superiors, but they were caught up with the then present market of pc that they were blinded from the future of personal computers. This was the big break for apple. He went on a visit to Xerox, and that was when he came up with the first pc that looks like a pc as the world know it. In other words, Xerox could have owned the pc industry. They could have been the Microsoft of today. Soon after, Apple came up with the Mackintosh computer. Hitherto then, IBM was still hurting Apple business Shortly after Steve Jobs resigned from Apple. Even as Apple won the battle against IBM, it seemed that Apple fought the wrong battle all along.

The lunch of windows three sealed triumph of Microsoft in the GUI war, and Later on, windows 95 came out, and it became the standard for pc operating, which made him the richest person in the world.

The amazing thing is; it all happened just by accident. And Bill Gates knew it. And that is the reason for his paranoid attempt to make sure windows is at the top of its game. He once said he fears growing older, for he may not have the same bright ideas as he once had. He went further to say that he plans on hiring the smartest people to surround himself. Learn more about the triumph of the nerds