This Is Why You Suck At Programming

Have you ever finished reading a programming book only to realize you haven't gotten the slightest clue what to do next? Welcome to the life...
IPhone 11 pro vs IPhone Xs max

iPhone 11 pro vs iPhone XS max

If getting any of the iPhones is part of your New Year resolution, well you are just in luck. Below are the differences between...

Best Phones For Students 2020

As a student, you have to pick the device that delivers excellent cameras while looking for the best phones, the efficiency you need to...
Five reasons to buy bitcoin

Five reasons why you should buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is currently one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency in the world. It uses the blockchain technology. Blockchain stores data using sophisticated mathematics and innovative...
what is GPU

What is a CPU and which should I Chose between Intel...

AMD or Intel? It is one question that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Especially since AMD started releasing its Ryzen series....

Quality Phones Below 100 Dollars On Amazon

A new bright mobile phone is difficult to ignore until you look at the price tag; however, there is nothing stopping you from getting...
why you suck at programming

Top Five Programming Languages to get You Started

It is often said that there is no best programming language well that's true. Each language strives at a different task, the top five...

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