Types of people to avoid this year

As the New Year begins, a lot of us are probably adding to the list of things to make the remaining months of this...
How to become an independent woman

How To Become An Independent Woman

How to become an independent woman has raved the society, especially the social media sphere; we all have different opinions on who is an...
how to be happy-living a healthy lifestyle

HOW TO BE HAPPY: Living a healthy lifestyle

In a world full of sadness, being happy is usually overrated. Most people tend to tie happiness to big and abstract ideas, which is...
restructuring the mindset of today's woman

Restructuring the mindset of today’s woman

I never thought I would be writing this article- restructuring the mindset of today's woman, but something came up one morning with my very...
The Importance Of Moving Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Message to the youth-Why you need to leave your home

I have not been posting as I should on this blog, my apologies to all those who waited this long to read from me....

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