What is sleep paralysis

Are There Evil Spirits In Your Room Or Is It Sleep...

One of the spooky things anyone can ever experience is, sleep paralysis; to see yourself paralyzed for a few minutes while you see stuff…...
how to know if you are in love

What Is Love And How To Know You Are In Love

The main reason I am writing this is; A couple of days back, I decided to ask about love while I was surfing the...
How to stress less and improve your sleep

How To Sleep Better And Stress Less

The greatest enemy of sleep is stress. Stress is a response to negative and challenging situations and also a response to daily activities. Stress...
How to know if your girlfriend will cheat on you

How To Know If Your Girlfriend Will Cheat On You

This piece is one of the dicey articles I have written so far, and some people may not agree with it, but well, you...
Heart attack

Five Dangerous Habits That Cause A Heart Attack

A lot of things we do, thinking it is “enjoyment” or living life to the fullest, is actually reducing our lifespan. Do you know...
What is Prostate health

What Is Prostate Health And How To Prevent Prostate Cancer

The prostate gland is an essential part of the male body; it adds part of the fluid that makes up the semen. So whether...

Types of people to avoid this year

As the New Year begins, a lot of us are probably adding to the list of things to make the remaining months of this...
How to become an independent woman

How To Become An Independent Woman

How to become an independent woman has raved the society, especially the social media sphere; we all have different opinions on who is an...
how to be happy-living a healthy lifestyle

HOW TO BE HAPPY: Living a healthy lifestyle

In a world full of sadness, being happy is usually overrated. Most people tend to tie happiness to big and abstract ideas, which is...
restructuring the mindset of today's woman

Restructuring the mindset of today’s woman

I never thought I would be writing this article- restructuring the mindset of today's woman, but something came up one morning with my very...

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