About Sterling Tips

Sterling Tips is a lifestyle magazine that is created solely to help readers all over the world to solve life’s challenges with practical solutions.

It is mainly divided into five categories; Health, Relationship, Business, Nutrition, and Lifestyle. However, these categories have subcategories, which include other aspects, such as pets, parenting, etc.


This category offers ideas that are highly beneficial to your health; it provides medical and health-related information by a dedicated and passionate team.

Furthermore, we ensure the information here is easy to comprehend and makes it easy for the readers to make informed decisions about your health and wellness.

However, the information here is not a substitute for professional advice. We advise everyone to consult with their doctors before using any medication.

Our health category is created for mainly three reasons;

  • To provide comprehensive medically factual, objective information, that gives a better understanding of a medical condition, or healthcare concern
  • Also, to cover the full scope of disease and health conditions, including possible symptoms, tests, procedures, and medications, you may need to undergo and what to expect.
  • And finally, to help to be better informed and mentally equipped to work with your doctor in making choices about the avenues of treatment available to you.


The relationship category equips the user with information that makes them enjoy their relationships with the people around them; this category aids self-development. It also provides tips on how to make well-informed choices.


We know how important food is to the body; our dedicated team created this category to provide sound information ranging from recipes, food classifications, what to eat to stay in shape, and many more.


This Lifestyle category is the “mother” of all categories; we share valid information on every aspect of your life that will enable you as the reader to live a healthy lifestyle.


We are interested in your business success, so we created this category to provide business tips, startups, ethics, and everything you need to be successful in your business.

So, when you have health, relationship, business, nutrition, or lifestyle-related questions, the Sterling Tips Team is here to provide answers to them. The comment form is strategically placed in every article for your questions and suggestions.

Happy reading and Best regards


Joy Ebarefeye